Save the Rhino

Ladies and Gentlemen,

An issue that has caught my attention as of late (and I am late on this issue) is the poaching of the Rhino horns in Africa and Asia. Most are unaware of the fact that this illegal poaching has been skyrocketing the deaths of the black and the white Rhinos. When the horns are chopped off, ALL of the horn is taken, meaning that these poachers are leaving behind a fleshy,bloodied hole where the horn used to be. Almost, if not all of the rhinos that fall victim to this cruel act, die within days. 

It is believed by many African and Asian cultures that the horn of the rhino contains a cure for cancer, thus upping the price and demand for such an item. The problem, it doesn’t. The horn of a rhino is not an item, it is an appendage of a living thing. Wars have broken out between poacher and volunteer soldiers to stop this mass killing before the species nears extinction. Measures such as cutting off the horn a few inches above the base (causing no harm to the animal, but leaves too little for poachers to care about) have been taken as preventative measures. Many are getting involved in the act the Save the Rhinos, a majestic animal that deserves just as much to be on this Earth as we. Please visit the following websites, educate yourselves, spread the word. Stop this violent and cruel act upon one of natures most beautiful creatures.  <—petition available to sign for support. (no charge)

Thank you.

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